• Hyatt Regency, Mumbai
Hyatt Regency, Mumbai
Hyatt Regency, Mumbai
Hyatt Regency, Mumbai
Hyatt Regency, Mumbai

Hyatt Regency, Mumbai

Client Asian Hotel (West) Limited
Architect Hafeez Contractor
Area 16.038 Acres
Cost 5.50 Crores
Year of construction 2010-2012

The client required us to refurbish the open spaces, of the property to lessen the impact of a newly build flyover in the front and an office complex coming up at the back, overlooking the swimming pool garden. The original design was done in the year 2000 by Mr. Kishore Pradhan & we started the refurbishment in 2011.

The approach was to have multilayered planting, both top downwards & from back to front, in order to create a sound & visual barrier. This also created a multi textured & multi colored foreground.

Along the curve of the drive way, columnar water features are designed, in between two existing royal palms to keep the rhythm. Another feature used is glass mirrors, reflecting the luxurious planting, to heighten the green effect.

The back space is designed to have a high arched fence at the periphery with creepers so that the deck’s visual link from the surroundings can be cut off. A large wooden pergola is proposed with the free standing wooden Jali panels on the sides to create an outdoor room, for pool parties.

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